Norco News

14 Jan, 2022

Custom Industrial Doors

At Norco, we create large rolling doors for a variety of industries from Marine to Military. A large portion of our specialty doors are created for Industry: Manufacturing, Storage, Design & Fabrication. These doors need to be designed to many specifications, and require a vast array of sizes and door...

14 Dec, 2021

F-22 Squad Ops Hangar

Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, Alaska Throughout Norco's long tenure as an Industrial and Hangar Door manufacturing company we have created doors worldwide for many industries from Marinas to the Military. Our doors feature customizations to fit each application, such as electrical door interlock switches that disable the drive door when a...

12 Oct, 2021

Multiple Door Design

When you choose to work with Norco you are getting not only our top of the line team to work with, but the ability to fully customize your industrial doors to your specifications. If needed, our team can even combine multiple types of doors in one custom door system to...

17 Aug, 2021

Customized Door Improvements

Norco Manufacturing was founded in 1962 by Norman Peterson, an inventor and entrepreneur, in Racine, Wisconsin. As an accomplished aviator, Mr. Peterson knew his way around an airplane hangar. Peterson was looking for an easier and more efficient way to engage the heavy hangar doors. Through the years, Norco has...

14 May, 2021

Specialized Hangars – Kohler, Wisconsin

The Northern United States has a constantly fluctuating climate. The temperatures can be below zero in the winter and near triple digits in the summer. With these extreme weather changes, one needs to have a hangar that can accommodate anything. Norco customizes each of our door systems to ensure they...

16 Mar, 2021

Universal Door System Types

Have you ever wondered about the differences between Norco's universal door systems? What's the difference between a bi-parting and a one-way? Floating and 90°? Below Norco will answer these questions, as well as a few others. Bi-Parting Doors Bi-Parting doors actually have two different types of doors; there are the...

25 Feb, 2021

Winner of naming rights for the baby zebra at Racine Zoo goes to Norco Manufacturing.

The Racine Zoo recently introduced their new zebra foal. Nick Eberle, Vice President of Norco, created the name "Malex" in honor of both of his two sons. We are always one to support the Racine community. INTRODUCING MALEX THE NEW BABY ZEBRA AT RACINE ZOO!

18 Feb, 2021

Industrial vs. Commercial Doors

Many people are not aware of the many differences between industrial rolling doors and commercial garage doors. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that industrial doors are primarily used in a a commercial or business setting; size and style is another distinction between the two. If...

15 Jan, 2021

Doors for Military Applications

When it comes to military grade doors Norco is a leader in the field. They deal with installing doors in a variety of performance capacities, sizes and functions. The Corrosion Control Hangar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is one of many completed projects. This installation consists of five leaves, for a total...

17 Dec, 2020

Norco FAQ

When you think of Norco, you think of custom hangar doors. However, there is a lot more to the process in order to create a custom sliding door that meets the needs of your building. What does a universal door system include, can they be customized and what types of...