With a One-Way Door System from Norco, only one door pocket is required on the left or right side of the building front. This leaves unobstructed space on the other side for offices, lounges or other interior design requests. One-way door systems are excellent for accommodating asymmetrical designs and they protect the bottom rails from poor weather conditions.

The one-way hangar door system features a motor on just the first leaf. As the leaf moves along, it then uses a pickup bracket to couple with the next leaf, which couples with the next, and so on until all of them are off to the side in the door pocket. This is more economical and requires less maintenance due to only one motor per doorway in comparison to the floating or two-way systems. The various leaves allow the door to open as little or as much as needed. Norco's engineers will work with you to determine the right setup of your large rolling door system, as well as help to customize it to your needs. Contact us today to request a quote and begin planning your new universal door system!

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