90° Door System

With the 90° Door System from Norco, building space is maximized because the door panels store individually along the interior sidewalls. Since there is no need for door pockets, the opening can be nearly as wide as the building itself. This is an important design consideration in areas where space is at a premium.

After connecting with us, we will set an appointment to discuss your hangar's design and specs, whether it is a new building or a retrofit application. A plan is then drawn out and gone over with you to answer any questions you may have. By installing our 90° Doors, you will be able to have a wider entrance for all your equipment and aircraft to easily enter and exit the building. For hangars that are on a smaller lot or are otherwise limited in their maximum width, we have designed a door that will remedy that issue while allowing for the best use of the front of your hangar.

If you are looking to maximize your door's efficiency, you may be interested in the accessories we offer that can be installed on your doors. We have a variety of accessories, such as the Electric Safety Edge and Structural Framed Window and Door Openings. Keep your staff and aircraft protected with the Electric Safety Edge. The doors will receive an immediate signal to either stop or reverse to prevent any harm or damage. We can also install a personnel or equipment door within your door system to allow for easy entry and exit for staff and/or equipment. Norco only offers the best and most efficient products for our clients. If you are interested in our 90° Doors, along with any of our accessories, please contact us today and we can get started on your brand-new panel doors!


  • No pockets required - store individually along interior walls
  • Built to withstands high wind loads
  • Wider building entrance
  • Openings for equipment or personnel doors

Project Samples