Doors For: Squad Operations • Hover Craft • Heavy Equipment • Aircraft • Supplies

Norco Universal Doors offer versatile door options for military applications across North America and the world. When working with the Military, we understand that security is a top priority, because of the equipment they carry and safety reasons. With Norco, we ensure quality products and service that’ll help keep your equipment safe and secured. Our universal doors are all custom made to ensure that they meet all your requirements. From large vehicles to aircraft to a high volume of equipment, our doors will function properly to give you hassle free access at your convenience. No matter the size of the building or equipment, we will plan out and build what will best work for you. Below are examples of different types of doors that you may be in search of. If you’re looking for a unique sliding door system that’ll meet your special requirements, Norco is the door manufacturer that can make it possible.

  • Doors that meet or exceed all military requirements and specifications.
  • Attention to budget, maintenance and on-time delivery.
  • Superior engineering and construction ensures strength and reliability when it's needed most!