HC-130 Hangar

Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona
Door Configuration: 
6 leaf, Bi-Parting Northern door system
163' wide by 46' high

For this door installation, a Northern Bi-Parting door system was chosen. This option works well to ensure that no part of the bottom rails are exposed to the harsh Arizona heat and sand. The panels are controlled from inside the hangar, which also serves as a maintenance facility and provides space for the manufacturing of military aircraft. The addition of a personnel door allows for easier access to the facility and replaces the need to have a separte door opening elsewhere on the building.

Pictures show hangar door installation.

  • Bi-Parting Northern Door System - Protects from the elements when doors are closed
  • Doors are controlled from inside and stack on the interior of the building for added security
  • For added safety, electrical door interlock switch disables the drive door when personnel door is open
HC-130 Hangar Door Installation