What's the difference between a "Northern Stack" and a "Southern Stack" Door System? 

With a Northern Stack System, the bottom rails are not exposed to the exterior when the doors are fully closed. This means the Northern Stack System is generally used in climates where ice and snow are prevalent. With the Northern Stack System, the doors also stack on the inside of the building when they are in the full open position. With the Southern Stack System, portions of the bottom rails are exposed to the exterior when the doors are fully closed. The doors on the Southern Stack System also stack on the outside of the building when they are in the full open position.

What does a Norco Universal Door System include? 

Unlike many of our competitors, Norco Universal Door Systems include everything you'll need for a complete installation. We coordinate and supply all components for the upper guide rail system including the upper guide beams, soffit closure plates, track brackets and "tee" clips. For the bottom rail system Norco includes the rails, leveling angles, nuts and anchor bolts. Norco also includes top-quality neoprene seals for each door panel and a complete electrical operating system.

What type of covering can be used on the door? 

Because Norco Universal Door Systems are fully adaptable to a variety of needs, a standard Norco door can be covered on one or both sides with rib panels, foam panels, flat sheeting, plywood or solar plastics. The door can accommodate a 1-1/2" thick interior and exterior metal wall panel, or for special applications, thicker panels can be used upon request. Norco can also specify a host of insulation options to meet energy efficiency criteria.

Can you put personnel doors and windows into the doors? 

Yes. The flexible technology used by Norco allows for the addition of unlimited window and personnel door configurations in our door panels. This improves our ability to meet our customers' personal aesthetic and functional building needs.

Once I specify a Norco door, who handles my project? 

At Norco, an engineering project manager is assigned to oversee each project from start to finish. This includes all design, manufacturing and quality control functions. This gives you a single point of contact and helps ensure that your job is done to your specifications.

In what type of facilities do you typically find Norco doors? 

Norco Universal Door Systems are used worldwide in a host of applications. We provide solutions for the airline industry, military, commercial and industrial applications along with a wide variety of special applications.

What about custom door systems? 

Norco engineers specialize in creating unique door systems. For over 40 years we've designed tailored solutions to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. With the help of AutoCAD and other computer aided design tools, we design every detail of our system so they fit precisely within your building design.

How do I get started with Norco?

It's easy! Just give us a call at (262) 835-2600 or email us using the contact form on this site. We'll get started with a preliminary conference to determine your needs and take the project all the way through installation. After completion, you'll find that Norco offers the best after-sale support in the industry.

What if I need repair or service on my hangar door?

Just contact our new installation and service company, Commercial Door Service. At Commercial Door Service, they know the ins and outs of rolling hangar doors.  The Norco factory trained technicians are trained to service wheel bearings, roller guides and motor and control panels. They know how important it is that your hangar functions efficiently, and the hangar door is a big part of that efficiency. Their Norco factory trained technicians will provide quality repair and service when you need it most.  If you are unsure what is wrong with your door, just call Commercial Door Service, they will be happy to walk you through any steps needed, or meet you on-site to repair your door. To learn more about Commercial Door Service and how they can help you, visit commercialdoorservice.com.