Norco News

09 Jun, 2020

Norco Global Door Manufacturer

Many people know the name Norco and that they design and create airplane hangar and industrial door systems. What many people do not know is that, while yes they are based in Racine, Wisconsin, Norco has projects across the United States and throughout the world.

29 May, 2020

Norco Doors for Industrial Applications

Norco is a world leader in the manufacturing of Universal Door Systems (see our Industry page for examples). Norco uses steel construction for tough, long lasting and reliable service.

07 May, 2020

Norco Universal Door Systems

Norco Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1962 in Racine, WI and since then has become a world-class manufacturer of universal industrial door and airplane hangar systems. We build each of our doors unique to fit the client's building needs.

28 Apr, 2020

Electric Door Wheelers

Beyond doors, Norco also provides accessories and door wheelers for airport hangar or industrial sliding doors. Our Electric Hangar Door Wheelers are custom engineered and manufactured according to your particular hangar door size and configuration.

21 Aug, 2019

24th Annual Cigar Dinner

24th Annual Cigar Dinner at the Racine Zoo!!

22 Jan, 2019

Structural Steel Fabrication

Norco Structural Steel Fabrications

21 Jan, 2019

Norco Social Media

NORCO MANUFACTURING AND SOCIAL MEDIA Norco Manufacturing is becoming more about social media.

11 Jan, 2018

Norco Manufacturing Blast Test

Norco recently designed hangar doors specifically for a blast test for an upcoming project.  Details, along with photos and videos can be found below. Norco Blast Test - Exterior View of Blast

08 Dec, 2017

Norco + Nike - Just Do It

Everyone has their favorite brand when it comes to shoes, but we are definitely glad that Nike has a favorite hangar door brand and decided to use a Norco door on both their company hangar and CEO, Phil Knight's, private hangar.