Norco News

18 Feb, 2021

Industrial vs. Commercial Doors

Many people are not aware of the many differences between industrial rolling doors and commercial garage doors. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that industrial doors are primarily used in a a commercial or business setting; size and style is another distinction between the two.

15 Jan, 2021

Doors for Military Applications

When it comes to military grade doors Norco is a leader in the field. They deal with installing doors in a variety of performance capacities, sizes and functions.

17 Dec, 2020

Norco FAQ

When you think of Norco, you think of custom hangar doors. However, there is a lot more to the process in order to create a custom sliding door that meets the needs of your building.

04 Dec, 2020

Custom Hangar Doors

When you hear Norco say we can accommodate any need you may have, we mean it. We can retrofit doors to meet your aviation needs, be they for safety or to accommodate larger equipment. We will also take into account the building's history and design with historical accuracy in mind.

11 Nov, 2020

90° Door System

Is the lack of space to store large doors holding you back from installing industrial doors to your space? A 90° Door system, or  “Around the Corner” doors as they are also called, may be right for your building.

08 Nov, 2020

Insulated Marine Doors

When you think of marinas or places that marine doors are often used, does your mind immediately think of warm temperatures and palm trees? While marine doors are often used in these areas, marine doors are also used in areas where the temperatures dip below zero in the winter.

15 Oct, 2020

Crane Doors

Norco offers a vast array of door styles to fit any space, climate or structural challenge. Our professional and experienced team will work with you to develop the right size door with the right features for your needs.

02 Oct, 2020

Bi-Parting Doors

Norco has a vast array of door styles to fit any climate, storage space and facility type. Many customers have a limited amount of space and when installing industrial doors, this can cause complications.

10 Sep, 2020

Climate Control Doors

Norco is a name recognized throughout the world as a leading door manufacturer. Not only are they easy enough to open when needed and sturdy enough if needed to withstand hurricane force winds, Norco's large commercial and hangar doors are also able to be insulated.

01 Sep, 2020

Military Grade Doors

Norco is known world wide for their superior door quality. An interesting fact that most don't know is that Norco's doors are engineered strong enough to sustain a blast from a bomb.