Floating Door System Applications

Norco U.S. Projects:

There are many factors that make Norco the #1 hangar door manufacturer for the aviation industry in the United States. Take some time to look through our project portfolio and see where our finished projects can be found. Over half a century’s worth of experience in industrial garage doors, while also providing high standards of service and quality (ISO 9001:2015 certified) have allowed for Norco’s business to reach not only national, but international markets as well. Our portfolio would suggest that the ability to customize projects is a key factor that separates us from the competition. Norco offers multiple door systems, but regardless of what system best fits your facility, Norco is still able to customize your project to meet whatever needs your space has. 

Floating Door Summary:

One of our favorite door systems is the floating door system. Above all, this system provides building flexibility to whatever facility it is being utilized by. The floating door system does not require door pockets that take up extra space. Panels are able to be individually operated, which creates a variety of custom openings a facility is able to utilize. Of course, each panel is built for weather conditions in areas with high wind gusts. Flexibility, customization, individualized control options, and of course, durability, are all made possible through Norco’s floating door system. 

Our previous projects give indication that the aviation industry, particularly Army and Navy support hangars, have found efficient and practical usage from our floating door system. We’ve listed 4 aviation facilities where we’ve implemented the floating door system. The 4 facilities all benefit from the flexible, durable, customary, and individualized floating door panel system that assists their efforts and utilization of their hangar spaces. Below is a summary of each. 

Atlantic Aviation in Kansas City, Missouri

This large 250,000 ft. Fixed Base Operation (FBO) facility uses the 6 leaf floating door system to create large and small openings for the various aircrafts it houses.

Army Aviation Support Facility in New Castle, Delaware

Large military aircrafts along with various other equipment are stored in this support facility. Not only is the floating door system utilized, but other systems such as the bi-parting door system actively speaks to the customizable solution this Norco Hangar door provides this Delaware facility. 

Landmark Aviation in San Diego, California

Not only did Norco provide a customized solution for this 12.4 acre FBO facility, but they also met the standards for it to establish its LEED platinum certification. Norco knows what clients need when it comes to projects. They meet those through flexibility and customization, the leading benefits of a floating door system. 

Hawker Beechcraft in Indianapolis, Indiana

This 40,000 square foot maintenance hangar in Indianapolis offers the various openings needed for the different sized aircrafts the facility houses. The floating door system requires no door pockets and is energy efficient for the facility. 

Our floating door system is a favorite for flexibility and customization. Our team will continue providing content regarding door system applications to help you decide what door system is best for your next project!