Speed and convenience come standard with every Norco Electric Hangar Door Wheeler. With 12 different model types, there is an Electric Hangar Door Wheeler to accommodate every application. No more manually opening and closing doors anymore. Each rubber tire wheeler is custom engineered and manufactured according to your particular hangar door size and configuration. By having Door Wheelers equipped to your hangar doors, you could be saving 15-20% on heating bills. With our custom designs and durable equipment, you will be well protected from all types of weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, and storms. Installing Norco products will protect your facility from natural elements, reduce utility costs, and improve your facility’s appearance and functionality.

Low Maintenance

The motor, gearbox and wheel bearings are manufactured to AGMA standards and are maintenance-free for 7-10 years. The sealed hub promotes durability for automotive bearings and reduces the need for lubrication.

12 Electrical Door Wheeler Models are available to meet any door configuration, size, and electrical requirements. Norco will size the correct door wheeler specifically for your installation. With our expertise and trained professionals, you’ll have a more efficient door control system with a long-term reliability. 

Operator Models     

Model A - This model is mounted externally and features a galvanized weather resistant shroud for protection from the elements. Controls are mounted inside the door for convenience and security.

Model C - This model is completely enclosed and features a Class 1, Div. 2 (explosion-proof) operating and control system.

Model D - This model is used for most corporate and commercial applications. The operating system is explosion-proof to 18" above finished floor meeting the NEC for hangars.

Pickup Brackets

Norco's hardware is custom designed to have a simple installation and reliability that you should expect from a top leading hanger doors manufacturer. Custom tailored pickup brackets work in tandem to open and close the doors. They are precisely arranged with the door wheeler to ensure an automatic door lock in the fully closed position. Perfect for helping you save on your heating bill and improve the security of your building.


A high torque motor, heavy tractor-style tire and completely enclosed drive chain provide consistent performance for the life of the Electric Door Wheeler. The equipment provides a positive inside security lock and the toe guard meets OSHA standards for safety control.


With our precise designs and manufacturing, we have developed a product that will run at a high performance along with easy installment from our professionals. Ensuring the structural integrity of the door, the unit has a three-bolt surface installation that does not require cutting. The external mounting allows for fast and simple visual inspection and easy maintenance.

Norco Electric Door Wheeler

Heavy Duty Components

                         Norco Pickup Brackets

Pickup Brackets