At Norco, customer support starts the moment you contact us. We begin with a preliminary conference to identify your specific needs. We then proceed to architectural renderings, schematic designs and make project decisions. Our involvement continues through building construction and door installation and we stand behind completed projects with ongoing support. Consulting assistance and interface drawings are available.


To ensure total compatibility, the ideal situation is to specify a Norco Universal Door System before your hangar or industrial facility is constructed. We'll listen to your needs to assist  you in selecting the ideal configuration and then employ our computer aided design capabilities to create the perfect door for the application- functionality combined with modern aesthetics equals a satisfied customer.


Coordinating our manufacturing process with the construction of a facility is key to a successful project. We assign each order to a Project Manager who oversees everything from design, fabrication, shipping and installation. Having a single contact source provides you with the information you need when you need it! 


As owners of hangar and industrial facilities with Norco Universal Door Systems will confirm, Norco offers the best post-sale support of anyone in the industry. We can address issues via phone, electronically or on-site, to ensure trouble-free performance for the life of your facility.


With over 50 years of experience in the hangar door industry, Norco has the expertise to assist you with even the most challenging installation requirements.

We offer installation services, which can include hardware upgrades, electrical operator retrofits, seal replacement, or even a completely new door system. We also offer a custom maintenance program to keep your door in optimum condition. Call us today to discuss how we can help your facility operate in the most efficient manner possible.


You can access Norco product literature and other relevant assets below. New downloads are added regularly, so check back often.