Manufacturing - Storage - Design - Fabrication

Norco's Universal Door Systems are all custom designed for each building's specifications. No matter what type or size of door you need, we can fabricate one that works perfectly for you. Whether you need a door that is heavily insulated due to extreme weather or fully sealed for a paint booth or large enough to accomodate heavy or tall machinery, our engineers have years of experience designing doors worldwide and will work with your team at your facility. Browse some of our past projects below for various industries or any of our other portfolios to see the customizations and uniqueness of each door.

  • Customized doors for unique applications - Size is not an issue!
  • Integrated systems with bottom rolling, bifold, hydraulic and roll-up door options.
  • Sealing and insulation capabilities for paint booth and heating/cooling requirements.
  • Tough steel construction for long lasting, reliable service.