Special Applications

At Norco, we want to make sure that you receive a door system that is perfect your building and application. Our universal door systems are all custom made to ensure that they meet your requirements and help you to better utilize your building or structure. Some of the special applications that we have created custom rolling doors for in the past are Crane Doors, Blast Doors, Paint Booths, Amphitheaters, Sports Stadiums, and Aperture Doors. Below is some of the reasons why Norco is the door manufacturer for your next project.

  • State of the art engineering and 3D Modeling software shows you the finished product up front.
  • We design, build and ship all over the world.
  • Over 50 years of positive references will assure you that we get the job done.

Norco engineers love a challenge! Give us your special door system requirements and allow us to provide you a solution.