Connecticut Performing Arts Centre

Hartford, Connecticut
Door Configuration: 
15-leaf, Bi-Parting Door System
525’ wide x 30’ high

Functional versatility, innovation and  flexibility are key Norco strengths. This door system is designed to allow the Connecticut Centre for the Performing Arts to operate as either an open-air amphitheatre or an enclosed theatre depending on the season. 

This facility’s storage problem was solved with the use of eight curved rails guiding eight door panels to the right and seven to the left. Both halves retract into a mezzanine holding area which can be closed off using 30 foot high swing doors also designed by Norco.

Because proper auditory resonance was an important design factor, textured acoustical panels were applied to the interior surfaces of the doors, along with a sound absorbing metal sandwich panel.

  • Curved door tracks
  • Maximum flexibility for summer and winter concerts
  • Unobtrusive door storage