For over 50 years, Norco has been manufacturing exceptional hangar doors for their clients, along with the additional accessories we offer for our clients as well. You are already receiving a great quality door, but now you have the option to add other features from our amazing accessories. Optional accessories provide enhanced functionality, safety and security for the Norco Universal Door Systems. These door accessories and feature are manufactured with the highest quality materials just like our doors. They contain low maintenance components that allow for long-term, hassle-free use. At Norco, we pride ourselves on creating the perfect door for each application and with these various accessories we can further customize your Norco door to meet your specific needs.


Electric safety edge

When it comes to safety, we highly recommend our pressure sensitive electric edge. This safety accessory is only designed to fit Norco doors. We highly recommend that our clients consider the electric safety edge along with their hangar door purchase. Not only you will be avoiding any accidental damage to equipment, but you will also be putting your employees first when considering their safety.


  • Touch Sensitive signaling
  • Sends immediate stop and/or reverse signal on activation
  • Manufactured with the most durable materials and highest quality

An enclosed conductor rail system

Each Rail System is specifically designed for each application. When designing a Rail System, we have the client’s satisfaction in mind, which includes high-quality, excellent performance and long-lasting reliability. Each trolley duct run will consist of the necessary components (housings, hangers, connectors, end feed, and copper) and tandem trolley collectors for a complete system.


  • Enclosed profile with captured collector
  • High variability by 4 different types of system connection
  • Supplied in easy to handle 4 meter sections


Structural framed window opening

High Windows for Lighting

Structural framed window opening

Smaller Windows on Each Panel

Hangar - Interior Polycarbonate Window Openings


Hangar - Exterior Glass Window Openings

Large Glass - Exterior

Hangar - Interior Glass Window Openings

Large Glass - Interior

Hangar - Interior Glass Window Openings

Large Glass - Interior Close Up

As part of the customization of your hangar doors, we can also include custom window openings that can be added to your doors. No matter your specifications, including window size and placement within the door panel, we will make what you are looking for. Windows are a great feature as they let in light to buildings that otherwise don't have a lot of windows. They are also a convenience, because you won’t have to keep your hangar doors open to see approaching aircraft or deliveries.


  • Norco provides the structural opening
  • Door leaf can be designed to accommodate any window size
  • Window openings allow natural light into the structure


Hangar Exterior - Roll Up and Man DoorStructural framed door openingHangar - Interior Roll up Door

Avoid the hassle of opening your hangar doors to go in and out and have Norco build a custom door of any size and style within your hangar door system. Our structural framed door openings can be custom made to your specifications, including opening size, placement location and the type of door needed. It is simply more convenient and will help lower the risk of any accidents with the hangar doors opening or closing.


  • Norco provides the structural framed opening within the door panel(s)
  • For the safety of personnel and equipment, an electrical door interlock switch disables the drive door when personnel door is open
  • Allows for easy entry and exit of personnel and smaller equipment

Additional Accessories

UL Listed Electrical Control Panels

UL Listed Electrical Control Panels - With Norco, you will receive a UL Listed Electrical Control Panel. The control panel will be connected to your hangar doors to help you easily control the functions of the doors all at the press of a button. This is great for any quick decision making for the function of the doors, especially to help avoid any safety issues.

Drawings & Calculations All States

Drawings & Calculations All States - All of our drawings are done by certified professional engineers to pass any local requirements for your project. We will work to ensure compliance with all local regulations and standards.

Norco Universal Doors

Onsite Supervision by Norco
Onsite Commissioning - Includes 2 Year Warranty

When you partner with Norco, you aren’t just getting amazing products, you are also partnering with a company who has your back and will ensure the door is installed properly to prevent unneccessary wear and tear in the future. With the warranty plan that we provide to our clients, we will repair or replace any broken components that follow our guidelines. We believe in our product’s excellent quality and also in satisfying our clients' expectations and needs.

If you have a need for any of our Norco Accessories and want to partner with us, please contact us as soon as possible.