Landmark Aviation

San Diego, California
Door Configuration: 
Bi-parting Northern (x2) and Floating (x3)
(1) 153' Wide by 28' High (2) 183' Wide by 28' High (1) 140' Wide by 28' High (1) 231' Wide by 28' High

Five hangars on 12.4 acres, along with a 250,000 square foot ramp. This FBO campus acheived LEED Platinum certification. Our hangar door systems were customized to meet the various building specifications as well as the LEED guidelines. Each door system also includes a personnel door to allow for easy entry and exit.


Bi-parting Northern:

  • Doors open to the left, right or both depending upon the need
  • Door panels are controlled from inside the building
  • Stack on interior of building
  • For added safety, electrical door interlock switch disables the drive door when personnel door is open


  • No door pocket required
  • Doors can open independently or as a group
  • Less maintenance due to only one motor per system