A Supportive Partner for New and Existing Construction

Norco is an international company that has installed hundreds of hangar door systems across the globe. To see a map that visually represents our portfolio, click here. Providing support to clients and other industry professionals we work with is a priority. Installing Norco Hangar Door Systems has given us experience in working with other architects, contractors, and owners of hangars and industrial facilities. The support we offer is not only relevant to our product applications, but also to other industry providers we come in contact with in the project development process. Our view is to support those who need it when it comes to hangars and industrial facilities. Whether it is an initial conversation about a new hangar door, or an after sale support conversation, Norco is here to help ensure the facility is positioned for long term durability and sustainability.

When examining architectural renderings of a hangar or industrial facility, it is rare where Norco will not come into contact with other architects outside the scope of the hangar door system installation. Ideally, we have a conversation about a hangar door system before the facility is constructed. But of course, every situation is different and some situations can be more complicated than others. Norco’s experience working with other architects only makes us a better support partner for owners of hangars and industrial facilities.

Project Management

Anyone in the construction industry knows how challenging it can be to successfully coordinate each step of a new build. There are always moving parts, and unless there is clear and up front communication happening between parties, deadlines get missed and people get upset. Norco provides a project manager for each order of a universal door system. A project manager gets an understanding of each cook in the kitchen and goes above and beyond to communicate timelines, design specification, and coordinating with other contractors involved with the construction. Project managers are essential for success, and Norco’s project managers oversee everything involved with design, fabrication, shipping, and installation. 

Norco offers a custom maintenance program to keep every door that is installed in optimum condition. This means that Norco provides top quality post sale support as well as on site solutions. Norco’s post sale support consists of addressing issues either by phone or on site. 

On site solutions can present many challenges. Sometimes hardware needs to be replaced, electric configurations need to be retrofitted or seals need to be replaced. Norco will do everything to provide the best on site solution, even if it includes recommending a new system. 

Our goal at Norco is to be a supportive partner for owners, architects, and contractors that are involved with existing and new construction hangars or industrial facilities. Our 50 years of experience puts us in position to offer world class support to hangar door providers. Please reach out if you have any questions about the resources available through Norco.