Greater Efficiency & Maximum Space: The 90 Degree System

One of the largest logistical challenges with construction projects is the premium on space in a facility. Space is something that at times can be an afterthought. Aviation facilities and hangars are subject to constant change, and if there is potential for some flexibility, that should be taken advantage of.

When planning a construction project, usage of space needs to be paramount. Although there are numerous benefits to Norco’s other hangar door systems, some of them require the use of door pockets, where door leafs go when they aren’t being used. The door pocket’s section space will always be accounted for with either a bi-parting system or one way door system, but the 90 Degree system creates an opportunity for multiple areas of free space in the facility. This is largely in part to the mechanical design of this door system. Instead of the panels folding into a pocket, the door rails close on a 90 degree angle, and finish folding along the interior walls of the facility. This design creates an opening that is as large as the facility is wide, creating an efficient use of space.

Imagine what your large aviation or industrial facility would be able to do with more space? Certainly this would allow procedures to take place more efficiently. Whether it’s planning, scheduling, or storing important assets and machinery, having more space allows for better execution largely due to the amount of space available to work with. The 90 Degree Door System requires hardly any space while the door is fully opened.

One of the most important factors when discussing door systems is the climate. Some door systems are more susceptible to harsher climate conditions than others. The 90 Degree Door System is built with materials that allow for the structure to be able to withstand large wind loads. However, most of the 90 Degree Door System projects that Norco has completed have been in places with more southern climates, like Arizona and Florida. In areas where weather conditions tend to be more harsh, other applications may be recommended due to their ability to withstand precipitation related conditions. Norco’s most common door application is the bi-parting system. Most of the bi-parting and one way system projects have been completed in harsher climates because they protect the bottom rails from being exposed to the outdoor elements.

The 90 Degree Door System is best utilized for maximizing space and adding efficiency to existing space. Each Norco Door System has strong benefits depending on the conditions, but if you are a facility that wants to be economical with the space you have, the 90 Degree Door System could be for you. If you want to learn more, contact our team and we will schedule an appointment with you to discuss your project!