Customized Door Improvements

Norco Manufacturing was founded in 1962 by Norman Peterson, an inventor and entrepreneur, in Racine, Wisconsin. As an accomplished aviator, Mr. Peterson knew his way around an airplane hangar. Peterson was looking for an easier and more efficient way to engage the heavy hangar doors. Through the years, Norco has evolved from manufacturing retro fit hangar door wheelers to the fabrication of sliding hangar and industrial door systems and can be found in a variety of industries including: Aviation, Military, Industry & Marine doors at facilities all over the world.

In 1986, Norco was purchased by Dave Eberle. Eberle was a longtime employee and had experience as a design engineer, sales applications engineer, and general manager for Norco. Under Mr. Eberle's leadership, Norco has expanded their worldwide presence and continued to improve upon their design and manufacturing processes by embracing new technologies and continuing to build upon Norco's commitment to high standards of quality and process improvement.

Custom Aperture Door

At Norco, the team is equipped to manufacture your specialty hangar door based on your designs, building specifications, and size needs. Norco's engineers also construct insulated doors for environments where temperatures may soar or plummet. Norco's industrial doors can also be customized with hurricane force construction to ensure the safety and durability of your door. For humid, saltwater environments our industrial doors are galvanized to protect against the erosion saltwater can cause.

Through the years Norco has been tasked with designing and installing a variety of doors including:

  • Blast doors – Designed to withstand direct impact
  • Aperture doors – Allows for extra tail space outside of the hangar, while still sealing properly to ensure the inside is temperature controlled
  • Divider doors – For when you may need to partition off an area on a temporary basis (see below or visit Divider Door for PK-12 School)

School Gym Divider Door

Norco has also taken on a number of jobs that combine door systems to ensure our clients receive the door that works best for their needs. Our door systems include:

  • Bi-Parting (Northern & Southern)
  • One-Way
  • Floating
  • 90° Door System

These varying systems offer a variety of panel storage and opening options for maximizing your space. Along with designing your industrial door, Norco's team also manufactures and installs our Universal Door Systems for military and corporate hangars, commercial and industrial facilities, as well as unique architectural buildings. Norco also has all the capabilities to retrofit doors onto an existing structure.

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