Norco Commercial Door Service Division

Norco manufactures one of the leading hangar door systems with options versatile for practically any application worldwide. We are known for our precise product development techniques and use of durable materials to withstand all natural elements. You’ll benefit from our time-tested hangar doors designed by our knowledgeable team of engineers. Each hangar door provides a new and efficient way to save space and time within your aviation, military, marine, or industrial facility.

A Norco hangar door will provide years of operation and reliability, however, if you do require any type of service or repair, a Norco technician is available for immediate assistance. The technicians from our Commercial Door Service division are factory trained in order to provide service for Norco Manufacturing doors on a case-by-case basis.

The commercial door service technicians at Norco Manufacturing know all the ins and outs of rolling hangar doors with training to service wheel bearings, roller guides, and motor & control panels. We know how important it is that your hangar door functions efficiently allowing for day-to-day operations without worry. As soon as we receive your request for maintenance or repairs, we will immediately determine the possible causes of your problem, gather the appropriate tools and replacement parts, and schedule a technician for deployment to your site.

To ensure a reliable hangar door repair, we only use quality tools and parts to fix or replace damaged or malfunctioning hangar door components. When you have a Norco Manufacturing door installed, we are available to handle any maintenance or repair needs.

If it's determined that the issue can be handled through a phone conversation, a trained Norco technician will provide step-by-step instructions to assist you. If you would prefer in-person guidance when fixing or maintaining your hangar door, one of our technicians will happily meet you on-site to provide assistance. Unsure what is wrong with your door? just call Norco's Commercial Door Service division at (844) 635-4300 and we will take care of the rest.

If you have a Norco rolling hangar door that needs service, contact our Commercial Door Service division with a detailed description of your hangar door system's issues. We are here to provide professional, knowledgeable help!