Multiple Door Design

When you choose to work with Norco you are getting not only our top of the line team to work with, but the ability to fully customize your industrial doors to your specifications. If needed, our team can even combine multiple types of doors in one custom door system to fit your needs, while still maintaining the proper climate control and opening needed for your situation.

The DRS Technical Services facility in Elizabeth City, North Carolina is a great example of combining multiple doors to achieve specific design needs. This facility consists of a 6-leaf bi-parting door system, a 13' aperture door, a 12' x 12' tail door that is centered above the main opening, as well as a personnel door for easy access to the facility.

Multiple Door System for Hangars

The aperture door is designed specifically to accommodate the extra length of the C-130 aircraft, while still closing completely around the aircraft to allow the hangar to remain temperature controlled. The tail door has also been designed for this hangar to meet the requested requirements and building's restrictions. These features are important, as inclement weather is possible and needs to be safe guarded against to ensure all staff and hangar equipment are kept safe and able to function throughout the year.

As with all of our personnel doors, we install extra security features to ensure our clients the highest safety possible. When the personnel door is in use, the interlock switch on the electrical door remains disabled, until the personnel door is back in its secured place. This ensures our clients safety and provides added piece of mind.

No matter how complex of a hangar door your facility may require, our team of professionals can accommodate it. Call us today for your next project, or for any questions you may have.