F-22 Squad Ops Hangar

Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, Alaska

Throughout Norco's long tenure as an Industrial and Hangar Door manufacturing company we have created doors worldwide for many industries from Marinas to the Military. Our doors feature customizations to fit each application, such as electrical door interlock switches that disable the drive door when a personnel door is open, doors able to withstand hurricane-force winds, insulated panels, explosion-proof door operators and controls, and many other specifications for your particular needs.

One such customized door Norco helped to create is the hangar door for the F-22 Squad Ops Hangar at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. For this door request, the specifications called for 2 six-leaf, northern bi-parting door systems, with openings of 175' wide x 24' high. This hangar accommodates both the Air Force and Air National Guard and is the largest in the F-22 program at Elmendorf AFB.

Military Hangar Doors

To accommodate the harsh Alaskan weather, these doors have been sealed and insulated. They feature a 3” insulated exterior panel, as well as insulated translucent panels. The northern bi-parting door was chosen as with this style no portion of the bottom rails are exposed to the elements, which is crucial in Alaska. These doors also are customized with dual weather seals for maximum energy efficiency and minimal air infiltration. Also, as with other Norco universal door systems, the doors are controlled from inside and stack on the interior of the building within a door pocket. The hangar doors for this particular facility are customized with a personnel door for easy access for entry/exit.

If you are in the process of building a facility in need of hangar doors, or just updating an existing space, call our knowledgeable team today!