Norco – Creating Industrial Doors Worldwide

While Norco may be headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin, its project footprint stretches far and wide; these projects encompass countries such as the United States, Ecuador, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, and Egypt. Norco has worked on projects on six of the seven continents (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Antarctica). Our primary focus is on manufacturing and installation of industrial doors for the following industries:

  • Aviation – Corporate, Military, Commercial, Private Hangars
  • Military - Squad Operations, Hover Craft, Heavy Equipment, Aircraft
  • Industrial – Manufacturing, Storage, Design, Fabrication
  • Marine - Ability to meet the large-scale door needs of the Maritime Industry

Norco specializes in Industrial Door Systems including:


  • Northern
    • No portion of the bottom rails are exposed to the elements when hangar doors are Closed (a great choice in areas where inclement weather is a part of life)
    • Door panels are securely controlled from inside
    • Doors stack on the interior of the building
  • Southern
    • Offers both cost and space benefits
    • Typically used in climates where snow and ice are not a concern
    • Large rolling doors stack on the outside of the building, storage space does not have to be allocated inside; no need for door pockets
    • Panels are controlled from inside the building
    • Work great for retrofitting on existing buildings that do not have door pockets or other interior space


  • Only one door pocket is required on the left or right side of the building front, leaving unobstructed space on the other side for offices, lounges, or other interior design requests
  • Excellent for accommodating asymmetrical designs
  • Protects bottom rails from poor weather conditions
  • Features a motor on only the first leaf - as this leaf moves along, it uses a pickup bracket to couple with the next leaf, which couples with the next, and so on until all leaves are stored off to the side in the door pocket
  • More economical and requires less maintenance due to only one motor per doorway
  • Various leaves allow the door to open as little or as much as needed


  • No door pockets required - door panels can travel the full length of the opening, therefore panels can be stacked anywhere along the rails
  • Ability to have an opening at any width (halfway, 1/3, 1/4, or even 2/5)
  • Each panel is individually powered
  • Customized design and engineering (number of panels, height of doors, personnel entry doors, aperture doors for large aircraft, and much more)
  • Durable and withstands high gusts of wind

90° Door System

  • No pockets required - store individually along interior walls (no need for door pockets, so floor space is maximized)
  • Built to withstand high wind loads
  • Wider entrance for all your equipment and aircraft to easily enter and exit the building
  • Openings for equipment or personnel doors
  • Variety of accessories, such as the Electric Safety Edge and Structural Framed Window & Door Openings

Please keep in mind that all door systems can be customized to fit the project and design needs of your facility.

No matter where your facility may be in the world, Norco can have a team come to you. We will efficiently and safely install your door, using your specifications. Contact us today and speak with one of our highly professional and knowledgeable team members to get started on your next project!

Norco Provides Industrial Door Services Worldwide