Custom Industrial Doors

Storage Facility Door System

At Norco, we create large rolling doors for a variety of industries from Marine to Military. A large portion of our specialty doors are created for Industry: Manufacturing, Storage, Design & Fabrication. These doors need to be designed to many specifications, and require a vast array of sizes and door systems. Sometimes even combining multiple door systems for the exact door to meet a client's needs.

Our team has almost 50 years of creating hangar doors and coming up with innovative ways of making these doors easier to maneuver, while maintaining strength and security. Our team has created doors that can be insulated for extreme weather conditions, durable for hurricane force winds, large enough to maneuver cranes through, and some that can even withstand a bomb blast (should the need arise).

Norco's doors are created out of the best materials, including tough steel, for long lasting reliability. Depending on your building's needs we can also integrate various door systems, using one or a combination of bi-parting, one-way, 90° door system and floating door options. We can also ensure that no matter what industry you are in we can seal or insulate your customized door to your specifications for everything from paint booths to heating & cooling requirements.

The team of engineers at Norco has experience designing and installing doors worldwide, from Wisconsin to Alaska to Lithuania. We will work with your team at your facility to ensure the industrial doors are installed to your satisfaction. No matter what the project, we will work with you to ensure every specification is met and your expectations are exceeded. 

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