Henriksen Jet Center

Houston, Texas
Door Configuration: 
Two Eight-leaf Bi-parting Systems and One One-Way System
(3) - 180' wide x 28' high

There are Norco door systems on three hangars at Henriksen Jet Center. They consist of two eight-leaf bi-parting systems 180' wide by 28' high and one one-way system of two groups of four leaves 180' wide by 28' high.  The Northern Stacking, bi-parting door system is a common choice due to the limited interior footprint and overall value.  This door system is ideal to ensure reliable operation despite the dust and debris kicked up by Texas winds.  

  • Bi-parting System - Doors can open to the left, right, or both depending on aircraft size.
  • One-way System - Each group can move independently, as needed.