Henriksen Jet Center

Houston, Texas
Door Configuration: 
Two Eight-leaf Bi-parting Systems and One One-Way System
(3) - 180' wide x 28' high

There are Norco door systems on three hangars at Henriksen Jet Center. They consist of two eight-leaf bi-parting systems 180' wide by 28' high and one one-way system of two groups of four leaves 180' wide by 28' high.  The Northern Stacking, bi-parting door system is a common choice due to the limited interior footprint and overall value.  This door system is ideal to ensure reliable operation despite the dust and debris kicked up by Texas winds.  

The One-Way door system is great for the other hangar's setup as the door can take up almost the entire width of the building allowing for larger equipment to be stored. This is due to the One-Way door system only requiring one door pocket, thus freeing up valuable floor space in the building. These doors also require less maintenance than other hangar door systems due to there being only one motor per system, in comparison to the two motors needed in the bi-parting door.

  • Bi-parting System - Doors can open to the left, right, or both depending on aircraft size.
  • One-way System - Each group can move independently, as needed.