Amway Hangars

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Door Configuration: 
10 Leaf, Bi-parting; 4 Leaf One-Way Right; 4 Leaf One-Way Left
(1) 268' wide x 28' high (1) 120' wide x 28' high (1) 117' wide x 39' high

One hangar has a Norco Universal Door System that is a 268’x28’, 10-leaf bi-parting door system with large glass windows. It has a vertically mounted interior and exterior panel and also includes a roll up mounted door within the door leaf. Due to the winter weather and the desire to have a climate controlled facility, this door system is fully insulated and sealed to acheive an R-36 insulation value. Amway was so pleased with this door system, they asked Norco to replace the doors on their other two hangars (One-Way Right & One-Way Left), resulting in three total Norco hangar door systems.  

  • Horizontal flat profile panels
  • Full perimeter weather seals
  • Achieves an R-36 insulation value
  • For added safety, electrical door interlock switch disables the drive door when personnel door is open
Michigan Insulated Hangar Doors