What Type of Facilities Do We Design For?

Norco is known worldwide for their customized industrial doors. The Norco team has installed doors worldwide, including places such as Antarctica, Africa, Iraq, United Kingdom, Guatemala and many locations throughout North America. These sites include various industries such as Aviation, Military, Industrial, and Marine. Each of these industries includes many different specialty doors, that require various specializations.

Aviation: This includes specialized doors for MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations), FBO (Fixed Base Operator), Corporate, Military, Commercial, and Private hangars. Each hangar door is completely customizable and can be sized to your hangar's specifications. We also offer retrofittings for hangars that require new doors. Aviation doors can also be fitted with aperture doors which will allow for the aircraft tail to stick out of the hangar, while the aircraft is still completely surrounded and allows for the hangar to still be temperature controlled. This feature is especially important in areas where inclement weather is common.

Military: Norco has designed and manufactured customized doors for various areas of the military including: Squad Operations, Hover Craft, Heavy Equipment, Aircraft, and Supplies. These doors need to be especially secure due to sensitive/specialized equipment, large vehicles, aircraft, etc..., as well as various other safety reasons. Our industrial doors can be designed to withstand bomb blasts to ensure that there is as little damage as possible, outside of the facility. These industrial doors are created to meet all specifications, no matter how large or small your facility may be.

Industrial: These doors are designed for various industries, which includes Manufacturing, Storage, Design, and Fabrication. These industrial doors are created for various sized structures, and can meet a wide array of requirements from heavily insulated for extreme weather to fully sealed for paint booths to large enough to accommodate heavy or tall machinery (cranes, excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, etc...). These doors can also be further customized by integrating multiple door systems.

Marine: These doors are created for various types of marine doors in many different climates. We will consult with your team to determine your exact needs, and use this information to design a marine door to your exact specifications. These requirements may include:

  • Fully floating systems to allow for maximum access to storage facilities easily
  • Hurricane force construction which helps to ensure the safety and durability of doors
  • Doors can be insulated to help keep your building climate controlled
  • Hot dipped galvanizing for those locations that are humid salt water environments

No matter what industry you need to have an industrial door designed for, our team can guarantee a door that will meet or exceed your expectations, and can include a wide variety of customizations. Our doors are built using steel construction, for construction that is guaranteed to be long-lasting and reliable. Call our team today to begin designing industrial doors for your new or retrofitted structure.