Specialized Hangars – Kohler, Wisconsin

The Northern United States has a constantly fluctuating climate. The temperatures can be below zero in the winter and near triple digits in the summer. With these extreme weather changes, one needs to have a hangar that can accommodate anything. Norco customizes each of our door systems to ensure they meet the client's needs and specifications.

In Kohler, Wisconsin (United States) is an airplane hangar that was built using a 6-leaf, Bi-Parting Northern Stack Door System with a Tail Door (a one piece door that opens vertically and is hinged at the top). This door system has a opening of 120' x 18' high, with a tail space of 45' x 10', this allows for planes up to the size of a Global Express G5 to fit in this hangar. This hangar facility has strict control tower sight restrictions that required for the structure to maintain a low profile design, for both building and door construction.

This Corporate Jet hangar features a combination door system (bi-parting door & tail door) to accommodate the clients needs. Along with the combination door system the hangar also features maximum sealing and insulation to ensure the door is properly sealed for the harsh Wisconsin winters. This installation was completed by the team of highly professional individuals from Norco.

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