The Power of Customization

At Norco, our ability to customize has helped us build an excellent international reputation when it comes to door hangar construction. For such a large application, it makes sense for our clients to not only want their large scale needs met, but also the smaller ones.

Norco offers a number of different accessories for our universal Door systems, including electric safety edging and enclosed conductor rail systems. These accessories promote safety, and long-lasting reliability. But what are some of the other needs our customers have that Norco’s accessories satisfy?

Aircrafts, yachts, and heavy machinery all require large openings for successful storage. Although it is made easy with Norco’s custom door wheelers, the process of opening and closing takes time, and quickly turns into hours. Fortunately, Norco has the ability to customize door openings, which make personal entries into hangar facilities and warehouses easy. The structure framed door openings subtract the hassle of opening and closing a door for individual entries and exits. This is another example of how Norco meets large and small needs.

Large storage buildings that implement sliding doors are not only used for the machines. Employees are also spending time in these spaces, working on technical upkeep and other important job-oriented tasks. It's important for whoever is working in a hangar or building to have regular access to sunlight. Fortunately, Norco is also able to customize window openings as a sliding door accessory to allow the much needed sunlight to come in. This is great for hangar employees and is also energy, and gas efficient!

Another small, but important benefit for custom window openings is that it gives vision for any incoming yachts or aircrafts without having to open or close the door. This vision is crucial for necessary communication or scheduling that is happening in the context of a building with a sliding door application. Being able to see what is outside the building offers many solutions that Norco is able to accommodate with its custom window accessories for their sliding doors.

If you want a sliding door for your building, you are able to have more than you may have originally thought. Contact Norco today and ask us about our structure framed door and window opening accessories for universal sliding doors.