Norco Special Applications - Beyond Aviation

A universal door system can be utilized in more ways than most people think. Since 1962, Norco has continuously met the various custom needs of aviation facilities to provide the best-in-class sliding door systems for MBO, FBO, Corporate, Military, Commercial, and private hangars. Norco’s world class reputation of excellence in the aviation space may be the first thought for the average commercial consumer, but there is certainly more to talk about.

Sliding doors become a necessity for large buildings such as aircraft hangars because of the solutions they provide. For one, they allow for large pieces of equipment and machinery to easily access the outside and inside of a hangar space. Another use of Norco’s retrofit doors is the amount of free space they create in hangars, marinas or industrial buildings. We see this in the design of the Northern and Southern biparting walls. And of course, Norco’s electric door wheelers that are customized to each door application provide significant savings in energy efficiency.

If you are the owner of a building, and you are looking to create simple exit and entry means, more space, and maximize energy efficiency, then there is a good chance your building could benefit tremendously from one of Norco’s specialty applications. Norco’s universal door systems are capable of much more than aviation, marina, and industrial applications. One of Norco’s most proud portfolio pieces was done at the Connecticut Centre for the Performing Arts. Because of the 15-leaf, Bi-Parting Door System Norco installed, the versatility, usage, and revenue potential for this performing art center has increased drastically. It now operates as an open-air amphitheatre or an enclosed theatre, depending on the season. Not only did it transform the building's usage, the challenge with storage was also resolved due to Norco’s custom design which splits the door panels to the left and right while tucking them away into a mezzanine area. Think about it, with this level of innovation and expansion, what could a universal sliding door application do for your building?

A school in Holly, Colorado caught onto this idea. Norco was able to create a sliding door application that allowed for the gymnasium and cafeteria to be a combined or separate space because of the door. Imagine the different uses and schematics a school administrator can utilize because of this!

If you want higher volume transportation within or outside your building, it is worth having a conversation with Norco. Norco can help you be creative with the space you have. Contact us today and we’d love to hear how we can help you transform your building and get the most out of your space!