Norco Hangar Doors - An Overview

When you have a structure that needs to allow for large equipment access, a hangar door is needed. Hangar doors are most commonly used for aviation, but any large equipment requiring indoor storage out of the elements can make use of one. Every hangar is different; as such there is no “one-size-fits-all” hangar door to meet all needs. Norco proudly offers a number of different hangar door styles including bi-parting, one-way, floating, and 90° systems.

Bi-Parting Hangar Doors are available in two styles - Northern and Southern. The difference between the two styles is how the door is laid out. Bi-Parting Northern Doors are the most common Universal Door System that Norco produces. With these doors, no part of the bottom rails are exposed to weather and elements when the door is closed. This makes this style a perfect choice for areas of the world that are prone to inclement weather. Bi-Parting Southern doors can be used in milder climates where inclement weather is not an issue as the rolling doors are stacked outside the building. Additionally, Bi-Parting Southern doors allow interior space to be maximized as the doors are outside of the building, rather than inside pockets within the building.

A One-Way Door System uses a singular pocket for all door panels on either side of the opening. This allows for the use of the opposite side of the building for other interior spaces such as offices or lounges. As with Bi-Parting Northern doors, all rails are protected from the elements. Due to only using one motor on the first leaf, one-way doors are more economical and require less maintenance than other door systems.

For the ultimate in building design and usage flexibility, look no further than the Norco Floating Door System. Each door panel can travel independently of one another, and can travel the full length of the opening to stack on one side. As there is no pre-defined stacking site, this allows for freedom to move the doors wherever they are needed without the loss of floor space to a door pocket. Each panel is individually powered and can operate on its own or as a group. The hangar door can be opened completely, halfway, quarter way, or any other opening configuration needed. Norco’s floating door systems are highly customizable and are built to withstand natural elements such as high wind gusts.

The 90° Door System from Norco is built to maximize building space by storing door panels separately along interior walls. As there is no pocket, the opening can be made nearly as wide as the building, which is important when floor space is at a premium. This door system was designed with a maximized opening while keeping the width of the building to a minimum.

Norco doesn’t just provide hangar doors - 12 different models of electric hangar door wheelers are available as well. With so many models, there is a door wheeler for every application or need. Each wheeler is custom engineered and made according to the specifics of each hangar door.

Norco has been providing the best in customized hangar doors since 1962. Our rich history of successes has made us a national and world class hangar door manufacturer. We design, produce, and install our Universal Door Systems in a wide variety of fields, such as military hangars, corporate hangars, industrial facilities, and other buildings requiring a large scale opening. We bring our highest level expertise and dedication to each job, hangar door, or accessory we produce. For examples of our work, please review our portfolio or contact us to schedule an appointment.