Norco Doors for Industrial Applications

Norco is a world leader in the manufacturing of Universal Door Systems (see our Industry page for examples). Norco uses steel construction for tough, long lasting and reliable service. They also provide an array of integrated door systems, such as bottom rolling, hydraulic and roll-up door options.

  • Bottom rolling doors open unidirectionally (one way) either to the left or right. The door section is controlled by a motor drive system that is attached to the leading door section.
  • Hydraulic doors open using a fluid-filled chamber which releases the pressure to close the door in a slow manner.
  • Roll-Up doors work by traveling vertically and are gathered into a roll, thus eliminating the need for door pockets.

Norco offers customized doors for all applications and size is no issue. With Norco's industrial doors you get sealing and insulation capabilities that meet paint booth and heating/cooling requirements. If you are looking to have industrial doors installed at your location, contact Norco today.

Hydraulic & One-Way Rolling Doors

Unilateral Parting Doors