Norco Door Wheelers

Norco Electric Hangar Door Wheelers come standard with both speed and convenience. There’s no need to manually open and close your hangar door with a Norco Door Wheeler! We custom engineer each rubber tire wheeler to fit your specific needs and hangar dimensions.

Our hardware is custom designed for ease of instillation and reliability. As a leading hangar door manufacturer, you can expect quality from our custom tailored pickup brackets which operate in tandem to close and open your hangar door. When fully closed, they ensure an automatic door lock with precise arrangement. This can lead to savings of 15 to 20% on heating costs, as well as providing hangar door security.

All Norco Electric Hangar Door Wheelers are low maintenance. The gearbox, motor, and wheel bearings are all manufactured to American Gear Manufacturing Association (AGMA) standards and are maintenance free for seven to ten years. Features, such as a sealed hub, reduce the need for lubricant and improve the durability of the automotive bearings. This will reduce downtime due to costly repairs and maintenance. Heavy tractor-style tires are used along with high torque motors and enclosed drive chains which provide consistent performance throughout the life of the Door Wheeler. Norco Door Wheelers also meet OSHA standards with the toe guard.

Norco Electric Hangar Door Wheelers are easy to install quickly through the use of external mounting - no cutting required. External mounting offers ease of visual inspection and maintenance access.

There are a total of 12 models and configurations of Norco Electric Door Wheelers. These range from the 150 A model, which is mounted externally and has galvanized, weather resistant shrouding to keep it safe from the elements, to the 500 D model, which is explosion proof to 18” above the finished hangar floor meeting the National Electric Code (NEC) for hangars.

Norco provides only the best in Electric Hangar Door Wheelers. Our custom made equipment, quality parts, and engineering ensure we can provide the right Wheeler for your hangar, regardless of size. We’re happy to retrofit your hangar door with one of our Electric Hangar Door Wheelers or include one during hangar door installation. To learn more about our Electric Hangar Door Wheelers, contact us today.