Industrial vs. Commercial Doors

Many people are not aware of the many differences between industrial rolling doors and commercial garage doors. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that industrial doors are primarily used in a a commercial or business setting; size and style is another distinction between the two. If you have considered, or are considering, the addition of an industrial sliding door to your business there are many benefits to be gained.

An obvious fact is that industrial rolling doors are very large. They can be seen in places such as military bases, shipping terminals, large warehouses or manufacturing plants, and marinas. These doors can be built to sustain bomb blasts, hurricane force winds, negative temperatures, extreme heat, ocean salt, and water.

These doors can be customized to meet any need or function that you may have. Norco industrial doors can also be designed to open one-way (right or left), bi-parting (open in the middle), floating (several panels you can open one at a time or open all at once) or 90° (door panels store individually along the interior sidewalls and the opening can be almost as wide as the building). Large industrial rolling doors can also be designed with a combination of various windows, coverings, personnel doors, aperture doors, insulation, as well as many other customizable features.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever you may need an industrial door for, Norco is here to help you. Contact our knowledgeable and experienced team today!

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