Norco Hangar Doors – Industrial Use

While Norco hangar doors are well known in the aviation field, that’s not the only field where they are used. Norco hangar doors are often used in industrial applications as well.

Norco hangar doors are suitable for any manufacturer or company that needs to move large amounts of heavy equipment in and out of a building. Construction equipment manufacturing facilities are a common place to find a Norco hangar door. These facilities need to move finished equipment and parts to and from production areas. Norco hangar doors are perfect for this application. The various hangar door systems offered by Norco help maximize floor space within a cramped manufacturing plant.

Additionally, construction companies need to store their equipment and supplies in secure, safe places. It’s far easier to move in and out of a warehouse using a hangar door vs. traditional garage-style doors. Multiple pallets, supplies, and large equipment can be moved at once, rather than a few pieces at a time. This also applies to the agricultural and livestock industries. Some farmers and ranchers may want to make use of a hangar door allowing freedom of movement in an out of barns for storage and livestock.

It’s not just factories that need a hangar door system from Norco. Storage facilities, especially those that store large equipment such as boats, yachts, or planes, need a reliable hangar door. Norco hangar doors help withstand the elements and open smoothly when needed. When storing expensive equipment, you don’t want it exposed to the elements!

The same can be said for a shipping warehouse. When moving large quantities of items with speed, hangar doors are your best bet. Hangar doors offer the greatest amount of space to maneuver and help keep inbound and outbound traffic flowing optimally.

Norco is proud to provide a hangar door system for any need. Whether it’s aviation, industrial, military, or private use, we can manufacture and install a hangar door to meet your requirements. If you’re interested in a Norco hangar door, or any of our high quality hangar door accessories, contact us today!