Hurricane Force Construction

When you live and work in certain areas of the world that have the potential for hurricanes, then you know they are not meant to be taken lightly. Hurricanes can be one of the deadliest, destructive, and traumatizing natural experiences you may ever witness. When managing a site that stores anything from expensive cars, planes, boats, or even military equipment, you want to be sure they are properly protected from the effects of a hurricane with a secure industrial hangar door. Sure, you may have insurance to protect all your assets, but repairing the damages from a hurricane can be time consuming and effect your business in the long run.

Although hurricanes are practically unstoppable, your building and assets will have a greater chance of withstanding their winds and debris with the proper hanger door. Norco offers hurricane force construction for our hanger doors. A Norco door ensures your building, machinery, vehicles, and staff will be well protected during your next encounter with a hurricane or other natural disasters. You’ll also gain additional benefits with a Norco hanger door knowing it has been properly installed with the highest quality materials.

Our bi-parting hanger doors, recommended for hurricane protection, can ensure you the safety your business needs. With our Northern Bi-Parting hanger doors, the bottom rails are not exposed to the elements when the doors are closed. A perfect choice in areas where inclement weather is a fact of life. The door panels are securely controlled from inside and stack on the interior of the building. For our Southern Bi-Parting hanger doors, they offer both cost and space benefits and are usually used in climates where snow and ice are not a concern. These large rolling doors stack on the outside of the building, increasing the amount of space available within. There is no need for door pockets and the panels are still controlled from inside the building.

If you are in the position of reconstruction and require a hanger door to withstand the potential of hurricane force weather, look no further. Norco and our team will work with you to determine your exact needs to manufacture the perfect hanger door for your business. With each project, we will record exact dimensions, material properties, current structure, and style of your building. After your new hanger door design plans are developed, quality parts and materials are then used to manufacture a durable, long-lasting, and efficient door for your building. When you work with Norco, you are partnering with a company that listens to your needs and develops quality hanger doors to withstand even the most destructive hurricanes. Contact us today and be prepared for any natural disasters!