Hangar Door Coverings

Each hangar door needs to be properly suited for the task at had. To that end, the correct cover will need to be considered when installing a hangar door. Since Norco hangar doors use a Universal Door System, they are compatilbe with a number of different covers. These covers include rib panels, foam panels, flat sheeting, plywood, or solar plastics, each with their own benefits and suitable uses.

Rib Panels

Rib panels are one of the more durable panel types as the metal utilized can resist the elements with proper coatings applied. These will last longer compared to other panel types, however, the metal utilized can be expensive. Rib panels can also be matched to the outer sheeting of a hangar producing an aesthetically pleasing appreance.

Foam Panels

Foam panels serve as a great insulation option as the they will trap heat in the winter and help keep temperatures cool in the summer. These are typiocally used in conjunction with durable exteriors such as metal sheeting or plastic. Foam can be applied in sheets or in spray format.

Flat Sheeting

A more traditional style, these panels are simple, flat sheets of material. Flat sheeting provides a clean appearance for any hangar door. They can be made of metal, vinyl, or even home style sidings to better match a building's aesthetics.


Plywood is a cheap, readily available material. As it is made of wood, special considerations should be used prior to installation. Plywood can also be a base for other materials such as stucco.

Solar Plastics

These covers use strong, often transparent polycarbonate plastics allowing natural light to pass while keeping moisture out. Additionally, as they are plastic, they won’t rust.

Norco Doors are compatible with any number of covers, sheeting, or insulation options, thanks to our Universal Door System. Beyond the covering and insulation options, we can customize any hangar door with windows, personnel doors, and other accessories. If you would like a quote, feel free to contact us today!