Custom Hangar Doors

When you hear Norco say we can accommodate any need you may have, we mean it. We can retrofit doors to meet your aviation needs, be they for safety or to accommodate larger equipment. We will also take into account the building's history and design with historical accuracy in mind.

Historically Accurate Door RetrofitDepending on your location, you may need a door that can withstand hurricanes or other inclement weather. The unpredictability of nature can create rushed deadlines, but at Norco we work closely with contractors to ensure expedient delivery of all materials and dependable on-site installation.

At Norco, we also realize that your aviation needs may change. This is where our aperture doors come into play. We are able to retrofit an aperture door, specifically designed to meet your needs. These doors completely surround the aircraft and allow for a temperature controlled environment within the hangar.

For more information on custom hangar doors, or any other questions you may have, contact us today!

Aperture Door ClosedAperture Door Opened