Custom Floating Doors Systems

Norco is well known for being a world class manufacturer of airplane hangar and industrial door systems. However, most people do not realize how these doors work and the types of doors that are available. We will work with you to determine the right type of door for your building to increase ease of use and accommodate your specific needs.

Floating Door System Demonstration

One of our most popular airplane hangar doors is one that is called a “Floating Door System”. These doors offer more flexibility not only in the design of your building, but in usage as well. These doors are very adaptable in the fact that each door panel is designed to be able to move the full expanse of the opening as well as stack (be stored) anywhere along the opening. This allows you to have an opening on either side or as large as you need depending on the situation. These panels can also be independently operated or move together as a group. Another benefit from installing a floating door system is that no extra floor space is lost. Since there is no pre-defined stacking area for the door panels, there is no floor space needed for door pockets.

These doors also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate varying widths & designs of hangars, warehouses, factories, etc. Contact us today to see how a Norco floating door system can work for your needs.

Army Aviation - Floating Hangar Doors System