Crane Doors

Norco offers a vast array of door styles to fit any space, climate or structural challenge. Our professional and experienced team will work with you to develop the right size door with the right features for your needs. One example of that is a Crane Door that we developed for an industrial client.

The crane door combines three door systems for a smooth and convenient way to accommodate crane operated loading and unloading facilities. This door system allows for the crane to move along the exterior of the building to a protected loading dock where large and heavy product may be brought into the building, directly from the truck, which saves time & cost for our client.

Another feature of these doors is that the lower doors are bi-parting, rolling doors, made up of two panels, one opens to the right & the other rolls to the left. For safety purposes, the tilt door at the top is hydraulically operated and electrically interlocked with the rolling doors below so the doors cannot be opened individually. 

By entrusting your door needs to Norco, you can be sure that the compatibility of combining multiple door systems into one and the quality will be unsurpassed.

Opened Crane Door SystemClosed Crane Door System