Climate Control Doors

Norco is a name recognized throughout the world as a leading door manufacturer. Not only are they easy enough to open when needed and sturdy enough if needed to withstand hurricane force winds, Norco's large commercial and hangar doors are also able to be insulated.

Why is this a big deal? When you are storing boats, military equipment, aircraft, etc. you need to know that it is being protected from the various elements. When you are storing machinery the temperature in your facility is important, especially if you are in extreme climates such as Arizona (heat), Alaska (cold/snow) or Florida (heat, humidity and hurricanes). Any of these elements could significantly damage your machinery and cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars in damage and repairs.

Insulated doors also help with savings on your heating and cooling costs and allow your personnel to have more favorable work conditions. Depending on your needs, Norco can customize your door system to allow you to open only some of your door panels at a time in order to avoid having to open your entire doorway each time you need to move aircraft, machinery, personnel, etc. in or out. Rest assured with Norco doors the engineering is top notch and the doors are sealed and insulated to protect against anything Mother Nature may throw at them!

Contact Norco today to begin discussing the details of your next project that requires an insulated, sliding hangar or industrial door system.

Insulated Hangar Doors in Alaska