Bi-Parting Doors – Northern vs. Southern

Norco is known for creating and installing many types of doors for large scale applications, in various countries and climates. One of Norco's most popular doors is the Bi-Parting door system. This door system comes in two variations – Northern & Southern.

The Northern version is designed so when the doors are shut, no part of the bottom rails are exposed to the elements (wind, rain, snow, etc). This is one of the main reasons that the Northern Bi-Parting door is perfect for regions where inclement weather is a part of life. These door panels are controlled from the inside, and stack along the interior making these doors extremely secure.

The Southern version is typically found in areas where snow and ice are not a concern. These large rolling doors stack along the exterior of the building, therefore there is no need for interior door pockets. This provides extra space in the facility for storage or optimal mobility. Doors are still controlled from the inside, meaning that you maintain the same level of security as with the Northern version. Southern Bi-Parting doors are great for retrofitting on existing buildings that may not have door pockets, or lack space to accommodate door pockets.

Both the Northern and Southern Bi-Parting door systems can can be customized, as both will accommodate doors and windows. These features are great for ease of accessibility of employees or clients. Aperture doors can also be added to accommodate aviation hangars.

No matter what type of door you order, Norco Universal Door Systems include everything required for a complete installation. Our team will coordinate and supply all necessary components for a successful installment that meets or exceeds your expectations. We also include neoprene seals for all door panels as well as a complete electrical operating system.

No matter where in the world you may be based, if you are looking for industrial doors for a new, large scale project, or need to have doors retrofitted for an existing structure, contact our knowledgeable team today!