Bi-Parting Doors

Norco has a vast array of door styles to fit any climate, storage space and facility type. Many customers have a limited amount of space and when installing industrial doors, this can cause complications. Bi-Parting doors are a common choice for many applications, as the doors are designed to separate in the middle and the door panels then slide towards their respective sides. With Norco Bi-Parting doors you have a choice of two main styles to meet your climate or storage preference.


Bi-Parting Northern DoorThe first Bi-Parting door is the Northern. This is the most common and universal door system Norco supplies. With this system no part of the bottom rails are exposed to the elements when the doors are properly closed. This style is great for areas where harsh weather is a common occurrence.

Another feature of the Northern Bi-Parting door system is that the door panels are securely controlled from the inside and stack on the interior of the building to ensure further protection from inclement weather.

Below is an example of a Northern Bi-Parting Door System. The two sides are able to move independently from each other.

Northern Bi-Parting Door


Bi-Parting Southern DoorThe second Bi-Parting door system is the Southern. This style eliminates cost and offers space benefits. The Southern is typically utilized in climates where weather, such as snow and ice, aren't an issue.

The Southern Bi-Parting doors stack on the outer walls of the facility, so there is no need for storage space or door pockets on the inside of the facility, thus eliminating the need for storage space. The panels are still able to be controlled from the interior of the building. Another great feature of these doors is that they are great for retrofitting on existing structures and buildings that do not have interior storage space for the Bi-Parting Northern doors.

No matter which style works best for your needs you can rest assured that you will get the quality service and craftsmanship that Norco is known for.