90° Door System

Is the lack of space to store large doors holding you back from installing industrial doors to your space? A 90° Door system, or  “Around the Corner” doors as they are also called, may be right for your building. With the 90° Door system, space is maximized as the door panels store along the interior side walls. Since there is no need for door pockets, you are able to utilize almost the entire width of the hangar or building, a major advantage in facilities where space is limited, such as hangars with limited room or small facilities that need to use the available floor space for their production or storage activities. These doors allow for maximum accessibility at your facility, while using only a fraction of the side room for storage. 

With a 90° Door System customized by Norco you can maintain the secure knowledge that your doors have long lasting durability and quality craftsmanship. Contact Norco today for answers about your specialty industrial door needs!

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